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The Defiant Agents (Ross Murdock Series, #3) Andre Norton

The Defiant Agents (Ross Murdock Series, #3)

Andre Norton

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

This annotated edition of Andre Nortons classic science fiction novel has been enhanced for your reading pleasure. Just what is an “enhanced edition?” We have enhanced it in the following ways:- a biography of Andre Norton- an extensive bibliography of her works- an essay on the history of science fiction- expert formatting so it looks great on your Kindle- a clickable table of contents for easy navigatingAlien technology scavenged by U.S. and Russian scientists has started a race to colonize planets outside our solar system -- and the U.S. scientists are losing! In a desperate move the U.S. government decides to use a group of Apache volunteers in an experimental attempt to colonize a primitive planet, but before they can even begin their spaceship crashes on the planet Topaz...EXCERPTHaving stepped into the center of the glade, Nolan was using the point of his knife to score a deep-ridged circle there. Naked except for his moccasins, with only his knife in his hand, Travis took the two strides which put him in the circle facing Deklay. He surveyed his opponents finely muscled body, realizing that his earlier estimate of Deklays probable advantages were close to the mark. In sheer strength the other outmatched him. Whether Deklay was skillful with his knife was another question, one which Travis would soon be able to answer.They circled, eyes intent upon each move, striving to weigh and measure each others strengths and weaknesses. Knife dueling among the Pinda-lick-o-yi, Travis remembered, had once been an art close to finished swordplay, with two evenly matched fighters able to engage for a long time without seriously marking each other. But this was a far rougher and more deadly game, with none of the niceties of such a meeting.He evaded a vicious thrust from Deklay.The bull charges, he laughed. And the Fox snaps! By some incredible stroke of good fortune, the point of his weapon actually grazed Deklays arm, drawing a thin, red inch-long line across the skin.Charge again, bull. Feel once more the Foxs teeth!