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No More Hitting for Little Hamster!. Bernette Ford by Bernette G. Ford

No More Hitting for Little Hamster!.

Bernette Ford by Bernette G. Ford

Published September 1st 2011
ISBN : 9781907152993
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 About the Book 

I enjoy this book and so does my just-turned 3 year old. Shes been trying to work on regulating herself when she gets emotional - angry or intimidated or just sad. This is a great book that expresses the genuine frustration little kids can feel and it shows the perspective of both the child who hits and the child who gets hit without characterizing either of them as bad or even as a victim.The emphasis is placed on communication: Dont hit me. Hitting hurts. No, I dont want to play with you, and so on. The characters (depicted as little animals like a hamster, duck, bunny) speak in very clear terms and their behavior seems realistic to me - I think adults will find their interactions kind of funny, actually. The way Hamsters hitting problem is resolved is when another child behaves in a proactive, not reactive, manner and offers Hamster an opportunity to change his behavior. Hamster makes a commitment to use his hands for playing, not hitting. I found the modeling of a third role to be exceptional, as its not something you normally see unless that person is an adult. Ive read elsewhere that in a bully situation, there is a bully, the bullied, and the bystander. Its important for kids who are the bystander to know they have a role to play.It would be nice to see another book where we see Hamster learn some techniques for handling his anger when it arises, but that is not the scope of this book.Lastly, Ill just say this book is fun to read for me as an adult. Its not long, and the kind of book you can read 10x in a row without feeling bored out of your skull. The drawings are sweet and colorful, and highlight the characters.